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Glendale News-Press: Kiwanis Club Helps Students Pursue Educational Goals

By June 5, 2017March 14th, 2021No Comments
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By Joyce Rudolph

Parents, school administrators and counselors watched proudly as the Glendale Noon Kiwanis Club presented students with scholarships during a recent luncheon meeting.

Those students are John Bandek and Meetkumar Patel, both from Clark Magnet High School; Brooke Sasaki, Edelene Zamora and Kristine Necor, all from Holy Family High School; Zean Mojica and Edgar Delgadillo, both from Glendale High School; Jayleen Ramos and Vivica Rush, both from Hoover High School; and Raffi Terteryan and Kristin Dermenjian, both from Glendale Community College.

Bandek plans to attend Glendale Community College and transfer to USC, where he intends to study radiology.

Patel has been accepted to Cal State Fullerton and San Diego State University. He plans to major in computer science.

Sasaki plans to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa to study education and become a teacher.

Zamora plans to attend UC San Diego, where she expects to major in communications. She hopes to become a writer.

Necor plans to attend Mount St. Mary’s University and would like to follow a nursing career.

Mojica plans to attend UC Irvine to earn a nursing degree and hopes to eventually become a physician.

Delgadillo plans to attend the University of San Diego or UC Irvine, studying pre-medicine with a goal of entering the biomedical engineering field.

Ramos plans to attend Mount St. Mary’s University, pursuing a career in law enforcement with plans to work for the FBI.

Rush plans to attend UCLA, where she intends to study political science and African-American studies and hopes to become a civil rights lawyer.

Terteryan plans to attend UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business to pursue a career in business administration. He would like to attend USC Law School and specialize in entertainment law.

Dermenjian plans to attend UCLA, working toward a career in finance in the entertainment industry.

Co-chairs of the program were Larry Miller and Irma Villegas. All were congratulated by Patricia Larrigan, club president.

Club members who served as judging team leaders were Ann Louise Escarrega, Monica Sierra, Mark MacCarley, Kim Guard and Shant Sahakian.

Source: Glendale News-Press