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VIDEO: Statement on George Floyd, Black Lives Matter & Hope for Next Generation Through Education

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Statement on George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and Hope for Next Generation Through Education

1️⃣ To those who are protesting peacefully, I applaud you.
2️⃣ To those dedicated public servants who are serving honorably, I thank you.
3️⃣ To those who are creating anarchy, please go home.
4️⃣ To those who are spreading misinformation or inciting division or violence, please stop.

Schools are the epicenter of our community and if we are going to address racism and injustice, it is going to start with education.

We want an inclusive and safe environment for our entire community.

I have great hope in our 25,000+ Glendale Unified School District students and resilient Class of 2020.

Source: GUSD Board of Education Meeting June 2, 2020

About Shant Sahakian

Shant Sahakian is an Elected Member of the Glendale Unified School District Board of Education representing District D. He was elected in April 2017, becoming the youngest School Board Member elected in Glendale history. Shant is a lifelong resident of Glendale and a product of Glendale public schools with deep roots in the community. He is a longtime community leader who has championed Glendale’s youth, advocated for the underserved, and served the community through a distinguished record of public service. He is a graduate of CSUN and UCLA Extension. He and his wife, Suzanna Sahakian, reside in Glendale, California with their son, Raffi Sebastian Sahakian, and daughter, Lori Sidney Sahakian.